About Bidas

Bidas Health Care is a baroda based company promotes wide range of innovative quality ayurvedic products covering major therapeutic segment with promise of therapeutic efficacy.


Bidas Health Care promotes ayurvedic range of products with high safety profile, following the principles of ayurveda, employing standardized herbal extracts and raw material to ensures, consistent quality and therapeutic efficacy.


Bidas Health Care promotes major therapeutic segments covering diabetes, pain management, cough & cold, uterine tonic, iron, calcium, vitamins and nutritional supplement, liver tonic, digestive tonic, laxative & appetite stimulants.


Marketing policy, management and quality products are strength of Bidas Health Care.


Bidas Health Care a company with a novel marketing concept searching experienced marketing individual (Medical Representative, Area Manager, Regional Manager), firm, company to become a part of the company as monopoly franchise to promote exclusively Bidas Health Care specialities in the assigned territory.

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